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Helping Students Manage Peer Pressure

Unspoken peer pressure, on the other hand, is when no one verbally tries to influence you. However, there is still a standard set by the group to behave in a certain way. Stress is often a part of life for everyone, but learning how to manage it early can give you a head start for the future.

  • But figuring out what’s ok and what’s not is vital to having a good day and enjoying the best bits of school.
  • If they know a corner can be dangerous, walk around the block in the other direction.
  • Negative peer pressure is the influence a person faces to do something they wouldn’t normally do or don’t want to do as a way of fitting in with a social group.
  • It is natural, healthy and important for children to have and rely on friends as they grow and mature.
  • Flamino, who absolutely loves working with children, is looking forward to directing “Annie” in December.

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In the case of teens, parents are rarely concerned about the peer pressure their kids may face to engage in sports or exercise, as these are typically seen as healthy social behaviors. This is OK, as long as the exercise or sport does not become an unhealthy way of coping, excessive to the point of negatively affecting their health, or dangerous (as in dangerous sports). But pressure can also be overwhelming and can sometimes lead us down the wrong path. As your child goes through elementary school, talk with them about smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Peers can pressure kids to sneak out of the house, cut school, drive without a license (or ride with an underage driver), steal, vandalize property, and cheat.

Questions to ask your doctor

When they are in preschool, tell them not to copy silly or bad behavior. For example, if a friend or classmate pressures them to take something that doesn’t belong to them, teach your child how to say “no” and walk away. One common social media misrepresentation is when people post the “best” of their lives, creating a false sense of reality.

how to deal with peer pressure at school

Examples of Positive Peer Influence

how to deal with peer pressure at school

If you feel bullied, you see someone being bullied, or even if you’ve been less than kind to others, talk to a member of staff or trusted adult and get things sorted. Sign up for the weekly CPTC newsletter and get parenting tips delivered right to your inbox. Join the growing movement to change how our community sees teens. Positive peer pressure can foster sense of belonging, self-confidence and a solidified sense of self.

Ways to Handle Peer Pressure as a Student

This can lead teens to compare the true reality of their lives to the “picture-perfect” portrayal of others’ lives and feel pressure to keep up. Additionally, the absence of in-person feedback can enable an environment in which people share harmful content or abusive comments that they would not otherwise say in person. This phenomenon (called trolling) is an incredibly pervasive form of negative peer pressure found on social which of the following is a type of indirect peer pressure? media. There have also been examples of harmful online challenges that have the potential to negatively impact a child’s health. It’s not always easy to resist negative peer pressure, but when you do, it is easy to feel good about it afterward. And you may even be a positive influence on your peers who feel the same way — often it just takes one person to speak out or take a different action to change a situation.

how to deal with peer pressure at school

A person might feel pressure to do something just because others are doing it (or say they are). Peer pressure can influence a person to do something that is relatively harmless — or something that has more serious consequences. Giving in to the pressure to dress a certain way is one thing — going along with the crowd to drink or smoke is another. Young people may be more susceptible to peer pressure because their identities are still forming; they desire to fit in and not be bullied and have less risk aversion than adults. You can experience peer pressure from people without them saying anything to you, and you can experience it from direct remarks made by others. Some students might enjoy academic challenges, while others feel overwhelmed.

  • Where peer pressure is involved, students may do things they normally wouldn’t and feel as though they have let themselves down.
  • Their influence begins at an early age and increases through the teenage years.
  • They don’t want to say no for fear of alienating themselves.

Understanding fixed and growth mindsets

We can do this through role modeling confidence and praising their wise choices. By doing so, their inner strength will help them stand firm with their feelings. A belief in themselves will help them do what they feel is right. That same confidence allows them to have less fear of failure.

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How Peer Pressure Can Lead Teens to Underachieve—Even in Schools Where It’s “Cool to Be Smart” – Kellogg Insight

How Peer Pressure Can Lead Teens to Underachieve—Even in Schools Where It’s “Cool to Be Smart”.

Posted: Tue, 02 Oct 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This is something that each parent and family has to decide if it’s right for them. As your child starts moving away from the parent–child relationship and seeking their own independence and identity, their peers will become more important to them. Your role as a parent is to support your child to recognise teen peer pressure, to identify when it helps and hinders them, and to understand how they can develop their own individuality. But, he says, the results suggest that administrators should understand their school’s culture when designing policies. For example, making class participation mandatory in a smart-to-be cool school could reduce the stigma of raising one’s hand.

  • If they pressure you to do shots with them at the bar when you aren’t drinking, for example, you might suggest that you both hit the dance floor instead.
  • You must also help them understand that there are times when it’s all right for them to say no.
  • Being pressured by peers can be a stressful experience, whether it happens in person or online.
  • It can be the thing that gets your child to try a new sport, join a new club, do better in school, or stops them from doing something stupid.

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